June Release

A broken witch with no coven.
A trauma-ridden wolf with no pack.
After a devastating explosion reveals I’m one of the most powerful witches in town, I lose everything.

My family. My home. My future. All gone in an instant.


The witches of Madden Grove live to make 

each day hell on earth. 

The wolves look at me and see an enemy. 

So where I belong is anyone’s guess.


When an attempt to rid myself of my out-of-control power goes horribly wrong, I have the growls of a dead wolf pack in my head to contend with.

And then there’s the not-so-small matter of Keane Destin, alpha wolf, and the last surviving member of that dead pack now back in town for revenge against the witch who slaughtered his family.

A witch he believes is me.

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It isn’t every day a dying girl wins the chance to live...

Three weeks ago, my life was over.

Then the impossible happened. I won The Lottery.

Winning meant I had to say goodbye to the life I knew and move to Vegas, the city claimed by vampires.

As their newest vampire, I landed at the bottom of the pecking order.

No power. No control. No way out.

So, here I am. Stuck in a place filled with vampires who don’t trust me and humans who want to know our secrets—secrets that kill.

Out of hopelessness steps him. 

Dimitry Ivanov. Sexy as hell. Inscrutable. A vampire with all the answers, but that’s not all he has to offer.