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I’m the girl who nearly killed her alpha.


Fresh starts are for the deserving. After what I did, that is not me, so when an opportunity to start over comes my way, I decide to go lone wolf instead. Gavin Blackshaw, the shifter sent to take me to my fresh start, thinks I’m joining his pack in Colorado. I’m not.


Gavin proves strangely resistant to the idea of me becoming a lone wolf. By resistant, he swears to chase me down if I even think of running. When we wind up sharing a bed in a motel room not once, but twice, it’s impossible to deny the simmering attraction between us.


But staying with him isn’t an option. Until a ghost from my past doesn’t just try to haunt me, it tries to kill me. Suddenly, leaving isn’t as clear-cut as I’d envisioned. With Gavin determined to fight this threat by my side, I’m tempted to let him.


Can a stray alpha who doesn’t believe in fresh starts find one in Colorado with a shifter hell-bent on keeping her?

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It isn’t every day a dying girl wins the chance to live...

Three weeks ago, my life was over.

Then the impossible happened. I won The Lottery.

Winning meant I had to say goodbye to the life I knew and move to Vegas, the city claimed by vampires.

As their newest vampire, I landed at the bottom of the pecking order.

No power. No control. No way out.

So, here I am. Stuck in a place filled with vampires who don’t trust me and humans who want to know our secrets—secrets that kill.

Out of hopelessness steps him. 

Dimitry Ivanov. Sexy as hell. Inscrutable. A vampire with all the answers, but that’s not all he has to offer.