Unwanted - Jan 31st

“I’m not the one for you, Bennett. I reject you…”

She was the only woman I ever loved.

One look was all it took, and I knew. Mate. Mine, and mine alone.

I’d have set the world on fire for her.

It never crossed my mind that she wouldn’t want me, not until she rejected our bond and walked away. Forever, I believed. But then she strolls back into my life and tells me she made a mistake.

Her rejection cut so deep I never recovered. Letting her back into my life isn’t an option. I still want her. That will never change, but her next cut will destroy me.

There’s no woman I’ll ever want more, but she’s ripped my heart out once. But twice?

Never again.

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It isn’t every day a dying girl wins the chance to live...

Three weeks ago, my life was over.

Then the impossible happened. I won The Lottery.

Winning meant I had to say goodbye to the life I knew and move to Vegas, the city claimed by vampires.

As their newest vampire, I landed at the bottom of the pecking order.

No power. No control. No way out.

So, here I am. Stuck in a place filled with vampires who don’t trust me and humans who want to know our secrets—secrets that kill.

Out of hopelessness steps him. 

Dimitry Ivanov. Sexy as hell. Inscrutable. A vampire with all the answers, but that’s not all he has to offer.