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Colorado was supposed to be my haven. A place to lie low and avoid my abusive ex for a couple of days. In no way did I expect to stumble into a naked man’s garden and watch him change into a wolf…


Dean Blackshaw, the delicious-smelling, naked guy I witnessed do the impossible, seems dead set on proving not all men should be avoided. That some might actually be worth falling for. But he isn’t in my future. I have a life waiting for me in Nebraska and a career that I spent years building. One I have no intention of abandoning for someone I suspect is keeping secrets from me.


I’m used to managing on my own, in life and in business. To have someone watch my back is a pipe dream that belongs to someone else. Dean says I’m bull-headed, and maybe I am. Unfortunately, so is the abusive ex who followed me to Colorado and intends to do me harm.


If heroes exist in this world, I’ve never come close to finding one. But if I want to survive what’s coming, I’m going to need one. Dean is determined to be that guy. Can I trust him?

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It isn’t every day a dying girl wins the chance to live...

Three weeks ago, my life was over.

Then the impossible happened. I won The Lottery.

Winning meant I had to say goodbye to the life I knew and move to Vegas, the city claimed by vampires.

As their newest vampire, I landed at the bottom of the pecking order.

No power. No control. No way out.

So, here I am. Stuck in a place filled with vampires who don’t trust me and humans who want to know our secrets—secrets that kill.

Out of hopelessness steps him. 

Dimitry Ivanov. Sexy as hell. Inscrutable. A vampire with all the answers, but that’s not all he has to offer.