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How long does it take to recover from public heartbreak?
Not sure. I’ll let you know when it happens.


When the love of my life dumps me in the middle of the grocery store, he doesn’t just shatter my heart; he shatters my faith in love. I didn’t think I would recover when I had my heart broken before. Now I know to guard it better. And by guard it, I mean keep it locked up tight so no one can hurt me again.


So when a mysterious dark-haired shifter becomes my newest roommate, I’m not looking for love. All I want to know is who he is and what he’s doing in town. What I’m not expecting is to fall for a guy who suffered from a devastating heartbreak to rival my own.


Before we can explore the simmering attraction between us, trouble comes to Winter Lake and Colton is the intended target. He’s determined to face this threat on his own. Not going to happen. If I’m going to let him into my heart, you can bet your ass that I’m not about to let someone kill him.


Can two damaged hearts heal together? Or will we even survive to find out?

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It isn’t every day a dying girl wins the chance to live...

Three weeks ago, my life was over.

Then the impossible happened. I won The Lottery.

Winning meant I had to say goodbye to the life I knew and move to Vegas, the city claimed by vampires.

As their newest vampire, I landed at the bottom of the pecking order.

No power. No control. No way out.

So, here I am. Stuck in a place filled with vampires who don’t trust me and humans who want to know our secrets—secrets that kill.

Out of hopelessness steps him. 

Dimitry Ivanov. Sexy as hell. Inscrutable. A vampire with all the answers, but that’s not all he has to offer.